WPCSD Election Update

The Board Election For
The Whisper Palms Community Services District

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Our WPCSD opponents ask you to consider the facts. Set forth below are some essential facts that are not being shared with you.

With regard to the palms on Cancha De Golf, please consider all the facts.

  • Several weeks after the ISA certified arborist Mark T. Robinson with MTR reported that “all the palms are safe and sound,” the top of one he inspected fell into the fountain as the result of waisting causing $8,000 in uninsured damage.
The Result of Waisting

  • The District has additional reports from two other certified arborists describing the palms as approaching end of life with over 50% diseased or suffering from waisting.
  • The District’s landscape reserve was established for the sole purpose of replacing landscaping that is approaching end of life.Current balance = $800,000.
  • Each year our property taxes add approximately $150,000 is to the landscape reserve which will offset the cost of replacing the palms in 3 years.

This Palm is suffering from Pink Rot

We believe the responsible fiscal action is to use reserve funds to replace the aging palms with healthy palms instead of using it to pay legal fees and court cost if someone is injured.

We also believe it is the morally responsible action and it should be taken before someone or their property is unnecessarily injured.

Set forth below is one of the alternative plans developed by the previous board. We will revisit it and the other alternatives and get broad resident input before adopting a final plan.

For a board that will that will work with the community and base decisions on all the facts, vote for:

Byron Hanchett
Valerie Thatcher
Kathy McHenry

Jointly approved and paid for by
Byron Hanchett, Valerie Thatcher
& Kathy McHenry.
PO Box 3504 Rancho Sante Fe, CA 92067